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This is Laurels Autumn 2019

Autumn is a season for reflection and appreciation so I wanted to write with a little bit of both. It's been a very good year for Laurels and I couldn't have done it without the help and support of all of the friends and colleagues I've developed over the past 20 years in New York. Thank you all so much.  

Since I last wrote over the winter things have been busy! Through my work at The FRONT, we've continued a multi-year partnership with Spotify For Artists, producing The Game Plan, a video series that helps musicians make the most of the Spotify platform. I also partnered with WeWork Labs, to develop, produce and host a pilot video series and editorial content platform focusing on social entrepreneurship for startups, as well as The New York Times, to develop two new pilot video series based on their extraordinary arts and culture desk reporting.

I decided to join Pledge 1%, and pledge 1% of my time towards pro bono services for non profits and startups. I became a member of D&AD Impact Council, a mentor at TechStars and NYC Media Lab's Combine Accelerator, and went to Berlin to work with The WYE on an exciting new art & tech experience.

I'm now represented by Chartwell Speakers and continue talking to audiences around the world about the importance of human centered tech and my work in progress book project which shares my career experiences. I was invited to speak at The School of The New York Times for a course on Entrepreneurship & Media and at Hofstra University's Ada Lovelace Day celebrating women in tech.

And last but certainly not least, I was accepted into a Leadership Program at Harvard Business School which I will be participating in remotely through the end of the year.

My mission with Laurels is to work on projects I care about with people I love. So far and with the support of all of you, I have been lucky enough to follow through on that vision. I'm currently booking now for 2020 and would love to connect with all of you on projects we can build together.


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